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Polarity Therapy

This therapeutic method is a unique alternative health system designed to bring the body's energetic and physical systems into balance and towards health.

Polarity Practitioner Training

Polarity Therapy students learn comprehensive, precise, non-invasive techniques to achieve that rebalancing through integrative, energy-based therapeutic protocols. They learn when and how to apply their knowledge and training in the "Four Pillars" of Polarity Therapy, drawing from an extensive repertoire of therapeutic protocols to assist clients towards wellbeing. Each detailed Polarity protocol aims to restore or enhance healthy energy flow in the human body's energy systems and physical systems.

Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of all matter and forms.

With a track record of over 90 years in assisting people with many dis-ease conditions, Polarity Therapy is both the "oldest" contemporary energy wellness method and arguably the most complete.

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