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Practitioner Training…

Working as a Polarity Therapist is one of the most rewarding and helpful expressions of care and compassion for others.

Ongoing Diploma Training AND Next In-Person Beginner's Intro: Anticipated to resume October 2021. Subject to Australian Govt and the training manager's COVID-safe requirements.

Online Intro Training Certificate.
Offered in live virtual training sessions online, 3 day equivalent. Contact for details. Minimum number of participants is required.

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Polarity Therapy is Caught, Not Taught.

"The object of Polarity Therapy is the removal of energy blocks which are the cause of real pain in the overall sweep of wireless currents in the vital energy fields of the body." Dr Randolph Stone D.O., D.C., N.D. - developer of Polarity Therapy.

Training as a Polarity Therapy Practitioner educates you in an extensive array of specific, remarkably effective protocols for a multitude of health conditions.

Four pillars

The training
rests on four pillars
  • Therapeutic touch

  • Self awareness - the mind-body connection

  • Energy-based therapeutic movement - "Yoga"-ish but different (better) - can be undertaken as a stand-alone course (opens new window) or for personal interest and wellness management

  • Energy-based dietary principles

Each of these pillars has its part to play in ultimately assisting your future clients with their health and wellbeing needs.

Training Levels

  1. Introductory Certificate of Achievement - can be credited towards the Diploma. Printable Flier. (17 credit hours.)
  2. Trainee Polarity Therapist. (81 credit hours.)
  3. Diploma of Polarity Therapy Practice. (171 credit hours.)
  4. Professional Polarity Therapy Practitioner. (507 credit hours.)
  5. Consulting Polarity Therapy Practitioner. (808 credit hours.)
Students must successfully complete each prior level of learning to be accepted to higher levels of training. Credit hours are cumulative totals, inclusive of previous training levels.
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Credibility & Professional Standing

Your Trainer and Programme Manager - more info is at left/ below, is a current member in good standing of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) which was originally founded in Australia, and of the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA USA) which led the way in the 1980s for the establishment of professional organizations for Polarity Therapy.

Students are guided through their best options for professional membership and insurance during their training and upon completion.

IN-PERSON PRACTITIONER TRAINING & in-person wellness are anticipated to resume in October 2021. POLARITY YOGA is available as a stand-alone online course. PRIVACY MATTERS! We don't track you, we don't use social interfaces and this site is anonymized so third parties can't track you either.