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Polarity Australia

About Your Polarity Therapy Trainer

Your trainer at Polarity Australia has a long history of work in
  • Alternative Health - Polarity Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, & RoTai-USA™
  • Therapeutic Movement - Tai Chi & Aumgenic™ Movement
  • Visual & Contemporary Arts
Born and raised in Australia, home base in Australia is the extraordinary City of Blue Mountains. Since 1998, she has been dividing her professional and personal time between Australia and the USA.

In addition to her work in Polarity Therapy as a Trainer, a Board Certified Practitioner, and a Registered Polarity Educator, she has also spent decades teaching Tai Chi and martial arts, and her Therapeutic movement system.


She has also exhibited her contemporary art in Australia, the USA, and Europe - see and Her PhD in Creative Arts (1995) was the first submitted in that discipline in Australia and explored Indian, East Asian and Western modalities.

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