Individual Wellness

Polarity Therapy

Professional Consultations


In-person sessions: Offered during practitioner training programmes. See the current schedule. Note also the COVID-safe requirements of this practice.
Online: Available now. Private, secure, one-on-one video consultation by the Programme & Training Manager who is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (link opens new window). We use a private service which is end-to-end-encrypted (and based in Scandinavia where privacy protocols are very high).

The overall approach to assisting you in your wellness goals will incorporate any or all key aspects of Polarity Therapy including (i) self awareness discussion from within the Polarity Therapy paradigm, (ii) dietary recommendations and (iii) therapeutic movement (Yoga-like and other movements) sets for you to practice at home as part of supporting your wellness process, and during in-person sessions (iv) hands-on therapeutic touch work. The ratios of these four pillars will vary according to the practitioner's assessment of your needs at the time.

In-person sessions also incorporate the fourth key aspect: Therapeutic Touch which is received fully clothed and usually lasts 1 - 1.5 hours

More information about Polarity sessions and other therapy methods that may be combined in your wellness session are
here - a printable guide.

Phone & Video Consultations

To arrange phone and video consultations please contact Polarity Australia. We will be in touch to explain the process and provide fuller information.

The Consultations listed above are full-fee services provided by the Board Certified trainer. However, if you would like to try-it-first to see what Polarity Therapy is, please request a $10 Session with a Trainee Practitioner. See also COVID-safe requirements of this practice.


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