Polarity Australia



: Please use the relevant online form link above and outline your reason(s) for contacting Polarity Australia - i.e. interested in training or interested in individual wellness (or both🙂👍), and please provide a valid email and phone number for us to reply to your inquiry.

➤ What: Polarity Therapy training & individual wellness sessions. ONLINE & IN-PERSON.
➤ Where: Online & City of Blue Mountains, 10 am - 5 pm. 
➤ Next Introductory training: Virtual training only during COVID. 6 classes, 3 hours each.
➤ Next Ongoing Diploma Training: Dates TBA, when COVID-19 is controlled. Request an info pack for course outline, fees, and to pre-register.
➤ Experience Polarity - Individual Wellness Sessions: These are offered at nominal cost through our "experience Polarity Therapy with our trainee practitioners' programme. $10.00 per wellness session, 60-90 mins. Bookings are essential for this popular experience. Available only during in-person training program dates.
➤ Professional Wellness Sessions: These are provided by our Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, who also operates the training programmes. Virtual sessions only during COVID.

Your privacy is assured: We only use your contact info to reply to your inquiry. We operate on a strict "no pester" policy - we truly hate spam as much as everyone else!


DURING COVID-19: ONLINE PRACTITIONER TRAINING 2020: Three day Intro Training equivalent is available live via a virtual meeting service. IN-PERSON WELLNESS SESSIONS & IN-PERSON PRACTITIONER TRAINING: Suspended during 2020 due to social distancing and travel requirements. We anticipate resuming this during 2021 when it is is safe to do so. POLARITY YOGA: Available as a stand-alone online course. PRIVACY MATTERS! We don't track you, we don't use social interfaces and this site is anonymized so third parties can't track you either.