Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890 - 1981), a Dr of Osteopathy, Dr of Chiropractic, and Dr of Naturopathy, working in the USA during that time. By the 1940s he had formulated the early features of his energy-based system of therapeutic work with his patients. He continued to develop Polarity Therapy throughout his life, building an extensive system of practice and knowledge for the health benefit of people everywhere. He codified his practical theories into voluminous writings, later to be organized systematically for use by practitioners for decades to follow.


The driving impulse behind his research to develop this method was his observation that after he had treated his Osteopathic and Chiropractic patients, they would be fine immediately after their treatment but next time they came to his rooms, they had exactly the same condition that he originally treated.

He believed there must be something deeper underpinning this persistence of his patients' conditions.

His inquiry led him to study of Asian therapeutic systems, including Ayurvedic medicine and reflexology, and to hybridize these with his already extensive Western training.

Ultimately, he left humanity with an elegant, longstanding method of alleviating human dis-ease.

Image: Cover of a Polarity Therapy Book written by Dr Stone. ©


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